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"I’m not rich"


"But I have a big dick"


"I don’t have a big dick"


"But I am rich"


"I’m rich"


"And I have a big dick"


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My sisi is flawless


I have to say that there are few things that annoy me more when it comes to astrology than the widely-spread misinformation that makes signs out to have these terrible flaws that just… aren’t… true.

I think some signs have it worse than others - Aries, Gemini, and Capricorn, to be specific. Aries gets slammed for supposedly being aggressive and brash. Gemini is supposedly shallow and “can’t commit.” People call Capricorn a boring workaholic.

But, all signs have stereotypes associated with them. Taureans are all obsessed with money and physical possessions - and food. Cancers are crybabies. Leos are all selfish and self-obsessed. Virgos are neat freaks. Libras are snotty gossipers. Scorpios are all promiscuous - and stalkers. Sagittarians just wanna party. Aquarians are “emotionless.” Pisces are all drug addicts.

The thing is that a lot of these stereotypes have taken a trait of the sign and twisted it to go horribly, horribly wrong, putting a negative spin on all the signs. The fact is that Aries are upfront and direct about their feelings. So, sure, maybe some Aries who aren’t good people lash out at others when they’re going through a bad time, but I’ve personally never met an Aries like this. You know what I know Arians to be like? Amazing leaders, bright and energetic, these people who grab the world by the tail and carve their own pathway out of it. Standing up for justice. Fiercely protective of their family. I look up to Aries and their Mars flame that never burns out. They are the pioneers of this universe. They are God’s children. All the passion and energy of the universe flows through them. We would be nowhere without these warriors.

Then we have Taurus. Obsessed with food and money? Give me a break. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Does this make them shallow and obsessed with material objects? No. Taurus is the sign of love and pleasure. And they’re loyal as all hell. They are the most committed lover of the zodiac. That’s what Venus does to them. And it also makes them appreciate art and beauty. They like beautiful things. They like looking at and touching beautiful things. Still not materialism. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Taurus is in touch with the natural earth. They are in touch with their bodies, and if you think that’s a bad thing, then I don’t know what to tell you. They are blown away by the beauty of nature, and the beauty of people. They won’t let this beauty go to waste. They want to hold it in their hands. A Taurus likes to feel secure, like they have a stable place in the world. This may be misinterpreted to assume this means they need a lot of money, but for most Taureans, it is quite the opposite. They much prefer the simple life.

Gemini. Shallow? I think not. Geminis have a million different sides. You’ll never get to the bottom of them. They’re quick-witted and clever. They’ll make you laugh like no other sign. They’re like a walking encyclopedia, with bits and pieces taken from everyone they’ve ever met. Knowledge is constantly flowing through their bloodstream. I believe where the “shallow” and “two-faced” Gemini stereotype comes from is that their identity is constantly changing as they experience new things. Now, why is this a bad thing? Geminis are extremely intellectually evolved. They grow and change into someone new every day as they experience more and more of what the world has to offer them. They know lots of things and have lots of friends. Geminis can be the most interesting people you’ll ever meet because they know something about everything. And I think where the “can’t commit” stereotype comes from is that Geminis need to be free to continually develop their mind. Of course they don’t want to live with a partner who will squash their intellectual freedom and refuse to let them grow. That doesn’t mean they can’t commit. That doesn’t mean they can’t love.

Cancers, my lovely Cancers. Always getting nailed as being “crybabies” and “weak.” Where did thisstereotype come from? Well, Cancers are emotional! It’s true! But for God’s sake, they’re not crying 24/7. And people consider them weak why exactly? Because they dare to feel? I’m going to let you in on a secret – having feelings doesn’t make you weak. In fact, Cancers are incredibly strong – becausethey have these feelings. Not everyone could go through these constant storms of emotions every day and still have the energy to wake up the next. Cancers lead exhausting lives because they care so damn much. And yet they still keep loving and feeling, and I think that’s pretty damn admirable. They never close their heart off just because they got hurt. And trust me, they get hurt a lot. And then there’s the stereotype of Cancers being “momma’s boys.” Just because someone is a Cancer doesn’t mean they automatically have a great relationship with their mother. They very well might. But Cancers get this rep only because they are so nurturing and family-oriented. That doesn’t mean you can expect Cancer to have the perfect home life. They’re just very idealistic about their family and try to make it perfect. And we need the Cancers of the world to create beautiful homes.

Then we have Leos being accused of being selfish and egotistical. This stereotype comes from Leos wanting attention. Because it’s true, they do want attention. But again, this is not a bad thing. Everyone,regardless of sign, needs love and attention. And Leos just give so much of it out that of course they’re going to expect some in return. Leo is a benefactor, incredibly generous and giving. They shower their friends and family with affection and adoration. Leo will make you feel like a king or queen. And there’s nothing wrong with them wanting to feel the same way. The real negative stereotype about Leos is that they’re stuck-up and self-obsessed. But nothing could be further from the truth – Leos are actually extremely insecure. They just hide this. They desperately need their loved ones’ affirmations that they are, in fact, enough. Leos tend to be positively radiant people. And all they ask is that you reflect some of their light back at them.

Virgos aren’t all “OCD” (I hate using that word, but that’s what people accuse them of being – please realize that OCD is a mental disorder, not a personality trait) and obsessed with keeping their rooms straightened and their hands clean. And even if some are, there’s a hell of a lot more to their personality than that. Virgos are tireless workers who struggle to understand and serve the world around them. Like their Mercury cousin Gemini, Virgos soak up knowledge and are very intellectual creatures. Unlike Gemini, however, Virgo’s mental library tends to be a bit more organized. Virgos like the world in order, and that’s going to show through in a lot more ways than their cleaning habits. They like their minds in order. Virgos are also a lot more creative than people give them credit for. They see the tiny details of the universe that nobody else can see quite like them. Try talking to one; I’m sure they have some interesting insights.

Libras. Oh, man, do Libras get slammed for being “gossipers” – and, like Geminis, “shallow.” Why do people think Libras are gossipers? Well, Libras have lots of friends, and, like any other air sign, live in a constant world of communication. Lots of things are going on in Libra’s life – and Libra likes to talk about it! They are very interested in the dynamics of the friendships and relationships that are happening around them. That doesn’t necessarily make them gossipers. Again, I’m sure there are some Libras who are. But in my experience, a Libra is one of the best damn friends you can have. Libras are there for you when you need reassurance. Libras are there to stick up for you in the face of injustice. It’s another Libra myth that Libras let people walk all over them, and never share their true opinions – if they even have opinions. And true, Libra is always very conscious of the social dynamic around them and is cautious about the effects their words could have. But the second Libra sees an act of injustice taking place? The second one of their friends is being bullied? Seems like they’re a lot more opinionated than you once thought.

We Scorpios probably have the biggest reputation of the zodiac, which basically can be summed up as “promiscuous, sex-obsessed freaks who stalk everyone all while looking extremely attractive yet creepy at the same time.” What a loaded reputation. Where does this supposed “sex obsession” come from? Well, people say this about Scorpio because Scorpio is Taurus’ sister sign. Taurus is centered around love and pleasure, and Scorpio adds complexities to this personality. And it’s true that Scorpio is interested in the darker side of life, and can be fascinated by sex because it’s considered so taboo. Butif a Scorpio is so interested in sex (and I do say “if,” because there are just as many Scorpios who don’t consider sex that important), it’s probably because it’s significant in some way to them. It means something to them. So, no, they’re actually extremely unlikely to be going out having one-night stands. Scorpio needs to trust someone completely before they have sex with them. Then there’s the other Scorpio stereotype of them being creeps and stalkers. This one comes from the fact that Scorpios care, a lot, and they notice things about people. They notice everything, and they analyze everything. So, sure, for lower-evolved Scorpios this may mean that they actually do spy on people, but higher-evolved Scorpios don’t. What this means for all Scorpios is that they can be the best romantic partner ever. Why? Because they notice everything, and can dedicate their whole life to their partner. People really talk too much about Scorpio’s roughness. Scorpios are big softies on the inside, and this definitely shows when they’re in a committed relationship. They have all the same emotions and vulnerabilities as a Cancer does. A lot of people just don’t see this.

Sagittarius, like their sister sign Gemini, gets a lot of crap about “not being able to commit.” And while it may be true that Sagittarius wants to keep moving and expanding, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be in a romantic relationship. It just means that they won’t sacrifice their freedom just because someone feels that they can possess Sagittarius. You cannot possess Sagittarius. They are a brilliant wildfire illuminating a wild revolution. Sagittarius doesn’t want to stay in the same place. That’s not a bad thing at all. Without Sagittarius, we wouldn’t have perspective. It’s Sagittarius that understands like no other sign the need to appreciate and understand other cultures. It’s Sagittarius that realizes that “truth” does not lie in the stories they’ve been told since they were a child. Sagittarians needs to find the truth for themselves. And that truth is probably halfway across the globe. Of course Sagittarians fall in love – and very passionate love, at that! But the idea of “settling down” isn’t likely to appeal to a Sagittarius – at least not until they’re quite old and have gone on many adventures. If you love a Sagittarius, you need to accept that they are on an eternal quest for truth, and they really get a kick out of having a good travelling partner.

Capricorns have one of the worst reputations of the zodiac. If not the very worst. I’m honestly not sure why people call Capricorns boring, because like one of my favorite blogs Capricorn Astrology says, I have never met a boring Capricorn. Never. I mean, I’m sure they’re out there. But “boring” is not a Capricorn trait. And Capricorns do work hard. They work their asses off. You best appreciate all the work they do, because without Capricorn’s responsibility, we wouldn’t be able to run this world. It’s important to understand that if a Capricorn seems a little work-obsessed, it’s because they feel theyneed to do this work. They have had really tough lives, even from an early age. Capricorn has to shoulder an overwhelming amount of responsibility in their youth. And they feel that doing all this work is simply their duty. They don’t really have a choice. Now, Capricorns also get accused of being “uncreative” and “unemotional.” This could not be farther from the truth. Capricorn’s sister sign is Cancer, and, as mentioned earlier, Cancer is very emotional and loving. Capricorn is the same; they just conceal it better. Capricorns have some of the most tender hearts of all. Unlike optimistic Cancer, however, Capricorn has learned not to expect that people will return this love. Capricorn has been disappointed all their lives. So even though they hope for the best, they really do expect the worst. That’s not a bad thing. Capricorns are damn prepared for whatever life throws their way – and life throws a lot their way. The thing Capricorn is most emotional about is being respected and appreciated. Capricorn desperately needs to know that they are enough, that they have done enough, and that they have provided enough to their family (like sister Cancer, they are very family-oriented). They try so damn hard all their life, and all they need is the affirmation that they are loved and appreciated. Oh, and they’re not uncreative. Not in the least. Their lives may as well be poetry in motion. Capricorn has suffered a lot, and this makes for beautiful art.

Aquarius, beautiful Aquarius, we would not have a future without Aquarius. I really don’t like how people accuse them being of “unemotional” and “cold,” because they have an amazing love for the universe. They live on the axis of humanity with their sister Leo. However, while Leo focuses more on personal relationships, Aquarius focuses on larger groups. Aquarians are the politicians and activists of the world. The rioters. The rebels. Why would they be any of these things? Because they care. They care so much about the world, and they can’t stand to see it crumble in these old, outdated systems that Aquarius so despises. Like Sagittarius, Aquarius wants to bring about wild revolution. They’re great friends and wonderful leaders. The ideas that come from an Aquarian’s mind you could not find anywhere else. They are interested in all things unconventional. They want to give all those who have been silenced an outlet to finally express their side of the universe’s story. Aquarians indulge in connecting all the strange parts of humanity (and beyond – Aquarians are interested in what’s beyond planet Earth, as well) into one loving, beating heart. Without Aquarius, we wouldn’t have these connections. They aren’t cold; they’re positively electric.

Finally, we have darling Pisces, always being accused of being “alcoholics” and “drug addicts.” Once again, I’m sure there are some Pisceans who are, though I’ve never met any. This is such a Piscean stereotype because Pisces live in a world that is far beyond most people’s comprehension. Like sister Virgo, they see the world in amazing, complex detail – but where Virgo sees with the eyes, Pisces sees with the soul. Virgo will catalogue the details of someone’s body, while Pisces will catalogue the details of their aura. Pisces, like their fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, is very emotional and indulgent in fantasies. And their fantasy world is bigger than any other sign can dream. Pisces is from another world, and the harsh facts of reality can take quite the toll on them. This is why they need to escape from the real world sometimes, and this is where the “addict” stereotypes come from. But for most Pisces, this escapism actually manifests in a very positive way. Pisces are artists like no other sign is. They have the music of the universe flowing through their veins. They see things that nobody else sees, and as a result, they produce beautiful art inspired by what they see. They are talented poets and original composers. They are deeply romantic, and will make the most meaningful gifts for their significant other. A Pisces’ universe is a very special place to be. And we need their universe. They’re the closest to heaven that we’ll ever get on earth.

This is why I love all the signs. This is why I am baffled when anyone says that they “hate” any one sign. This is why it makes me sad when people who are new to astrology send asks to blogs saying things like “I’m a Gemini, does this mean I’ll never be able to commit? :(” or “I’m a Capricorn, and I hate my sign! I’m not boring at all!” Because here’s the deal – even if all the stereotypes I mentioned were true, nobody in the world is just one sign. We are all every sign. Your sun may be in Libra, but your moon may be in Taurus, and your Mercury may be in Scorpio. You don’t just have a sun sign; you have a sign for each planet. And even if there is a specific zodiac sign that you don’t have any planets in, that sign is still in your chart. Everyone has all twelve signs laid out amongst their houses. So even if there is a sign that may not have a major influence on your personality, it might have an influence on themes in your life. Therefore you are every sign. Therefore it isn’t cool for you to say “I hate Sagittarians,” because you, in some part, are a Sagittarian yourself.

You are a beautiful, complex human being, and you are more than stereotypes.

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